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Today I went to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Oral Surgery Dept. to have a couple of Titanium Posts implanted in my lower jaw to hold the lower plate in place. I was a little nervous about this procedure for some reason. I really don't know why other than it's in the category of Dental. I hate all things dental. Two posts were drilled into place in a procedure that only took about two hours. I was sedated and put mostly out during it, I did come around toward the end of it as they were finishing up, buy I really couldn't tell you what they were doing or what I was asked. I do know they were putting in sutures, but thats all I can say. It's now about 6 hours after the procedure, I'm still a little dizzy and goofy, (normal my wife says) a fair amount of pain in the left side of my jaw, I can't say why no pain in the right side, I had posts in both spots, so go figure. I do have some special candy from the docs to take if I need it, they also suggested taking 600mg of advil with it.

I have to wait 2.5 months to let them heal and the bone regenerate around them and go back and get them "activated" a funny word for screwing the tops on them that will attache to the plate. So for now, everything is good, sore mouth again for a couple weeks and back to soups and food I don't have to chew. And then the big test.........Will They HOld The Plate In Place??!!

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