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The side effects were pretty manageable and were more inconvenient than distressing. The neuropathy was cumulative so by the end my fingers and toes were numb for about 9 months, but they came back. I didn't lose my hair (yea!) and didn't feel very nauseous. I was allergic to one of the chemo drugs so I had to have a monster shot of Benedryl prior to every treatment. That knocked me out for about 4 hours - which was actually pretty handy as that was how long the rest of the treatment took! I did have chemo brain for awhile after I completed treatments - that was somewhat unsettling. I had low white blood count and had to have shots which caused a lot of bone pain each time. I had sores in my nose and throat (rather than the mouth like I was promised). All in all the chemo wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I was able to work out on the off weeks and care for my 3 young kids.

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