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I was originally diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer and was told I had to have chemotherapy before surgery. They told me after chemo that if there was no sign the cancer had spread after the surgery that I probably wouldn't need further treatment after radiation, just observation. Now they are saying I need infusions every 3 weeks for a year and a pill a day for 5 years.

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    Wow, this certainly is confusing for you. Did they tell you why you need the added treatment? You need to have them tell you. The only drug that I know of that is taken every 3 weeks for a year is Herceptin. Are they now saying that you are HER2+? If you aren't happy with the answers, I would find another doctor to give you a second opinion. Let us know how you are doing. Take care.

    almost 2 years ago
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    They don't always get it right in the early days of diagnosis. I was initially told I had a tiny, almost insignificant tumor. Lumpectomy followed by a short regimen of radiation and done. When I saw my oncologist after my surgery almost the first word out of her mouth was "chemo." I was shocked! She went on to explain that the tiny little tumor had turned out to be larger than expected, was HER2+ and a lengthy treatment including chemo/radiation/herceptin/anastrozole was her recommendation. Holy cow! I guess on this journey we have to learn to expect the unexpected.

    almost 2 years ago

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