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I got a phone call on Friday morning, May 10th. It was almost 11 a.m. and my aunt asked me where I was because my grandmother had a stroke and was being taken to the hospital in an ambulance. We were all really concerned about how she was going to be able to do physical therapy with her back injury. She can't move her left arm, and I feel like she's not "all there" at times, which is probably for the best because she went from being in perfect health, a independent active caring person so invalid, trapped in her bedroom. She would cry saying this isn't a life, i am just existing. So I can't imagine how she feels now, so I think it might be waser for her to not realize completely how bad things are. It hurts me more not to be able to have the old her, but it's not about my pain, it's about lessening her pain.

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