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Since this journey began I am given Hearts whenever I am worried or have a crisis. I have learned that they are my assurance from the Universe that all will turn out ok. I get them in all forms, string, rocks, water, potato chips, you name it! But the most amazing of all was right in the beginning when they would appear as little red hearts on the skin of my left forearm! When the crisis would pass they would disappear...
And the morning of surgery my relatives and I were sitting around waiting and I had my bare feet up on a coffee table and my sister pointed to the bottom of my foot....there was a Heart callous...a BIG one! I outlined it in pen and took a picture and when the doctor came out of surgery with the great news that he found NO cancer all my relatives believed my Hearts too. So my screen name is wishing you your OWN God-Given Hearts on YOUR journeys!

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  • Carol-Charlie's Avatar

    Oh my...That is amazing and wonderful. God has given you visual signs of His great love for you!

    almost 8 years ago

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