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After over a year of intense daily headaches and ineffective treatments with migraine medicines, I was referred to a neurologist. The neurologist saw evidence of high fluid pressure in my brain (by examining my eyes). He ordered an MRI. After the MRI, I was told, "We'd like you to see the neurosurgeon upstairs. They found something on the MRI." Those dreaded, vague words - found something - haunted me for the two hours it took for the surgeon to get to me on his schedule. Thank goodness my partner (also a cancer survivor) was with me when I heard the initial diagnosis (which turned out, thankfully, to be wrong): glioblastoma multiforme. A death sentence. I had to stop the doctor mid-sentence to ask if he just told me I was going to die. He said yes. Fortunately, as we found out later, that diagnosis was incorrect. My real diagnosis was anaplastic oligodendroglioma - not fantastic but MUCH more survivable than a GBM.

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