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Dad started Gemzar Chemotherapy last week.
Week 1: no issues until the evening of day 4 - he felt queasy over the smell of cooking food. Zofran took care of the nausea.

Week 2: having checked his blood, Dad was close to being neutropenic (1300) ... Dr wanted to reduce GEMZAR to 80%, but lead Dr said 'no.' He received his 2nd treatment... felt really cold going in, he said. (any suggestions on managing this?) Felt nauseas on Day 3, but that was pretty much it. Tired... but who knows if this is from gemzar or whipple (he's now 5.5 weeks post surgery)

Week 3: No Gemzar this week... white blood cells way too low. The dr said gemzar is still doing what it needs to do, even though he didn't get the 3rd treatment. She's worried he'll have a fever and need to be admitted to hospital er ... How long does Gemzar stay in the body? Any idea how long it will take for his white blood cell count to get back to good? Like I said, I don't have a # - but she did mention possibly giving him a shot or medicine next week if they aren't back up to safe territory. Ca19-9 climbed a little (less than 10 points) this week, too. But, it is still way down from 275 pre surgery.

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