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Gemzar Round 2 (of 3) is about to start. 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

It seems as though the only side effects Dad is experiencing includes EXHAUSTION(he does not have the energy he wants)... Nausea (but not vomiting, he can't stand the smell of meat cooking - hmmm... kind of like my pregnancy)... and crazy low blood counts (getting shots to treat).

His oncology office in Aiken, SC seems to be a fan of the daily kind of shot to boost blood counts. Hopefully Mom will remember and ask about the one that is a 1 shot deal and lasts 14 days (you can only take this when you aren't actively taking, after infusion #3 Dad would have 2 weeks of no infusions because of his off week... he could get the shot the day after infusion #3 before Round 3 starts).

His being in SC (and my in FL) is good and bad. Good because I'm able to pretend this isn't happening in little bursts, Bad because I can't make things better for him and check on him regularly. All I know is what I glean from phone calls and sometimes cryptic reponses, "your father is doing as well as expected." Um - what is THAT supposed to mean???

Because i have 2 active petri dishes in my home (my children)... we're waiting till he completes Round 3 to visit... can't get here soon enough!

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    Dad completed Round 2 yesterday. He has 1 week off and then will begin the final round of Gemzar. He is receiving the luekyn (??) shots again for low wbc. The side effects from these shots are worse than the chemo! Dad is also getting very, very OCD... and A/R. I **wish** he was TOLD TO TAKE ADAVAN from the very first diagnosis... It should be required. At this point, Mom can't sneak it into his pill collection because it will stand out... Dad won't take it because he "doesn't need it." What he doesn't realize is that MOM NEEDS HIM to TAKE IT! So, for caregivers reading these posts - start with some sort of antianxiety from the beginning. FOR THE PATIENT... this is a huge diagnosis with grim stats... whether or not they think they need help, they do!!! And, the caregiver will probably benefit from a little xanax, too!
    They are scheduling his next scan for soon after chemo is complete. The "soonness" of this has me getting antsy, too. It's hard not to think the sooner we have a scan, the sooner something will be back. We will be making a request to NOT talk with a particular oncologist at Mayo. He was full of doom and absolutely no hope. Whether or not the stats are in a patient's favor, Drs should give some hope...just to be human, or at the least - keep from being out of a job.

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