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Dad passed on Dec 21st, 2013 ... He fought for every breath... He was officially diagnosed early Sept 2011 after a very successful (?) Whipple surgery that lasted 7 hours... passed away almost 2.5 years later from that dreaded disease.

It has taken me well over a year to update this WhatNext page... I had to get off the blogs when Dad's recurrence was consuming me. The happy celebrations / you can do this / etc... not what I needed to read when it was bad for Dad... Had I been able to keep Dad here with me,near Mayo - maybe he would have lived a little longer. Had we caught that dreaded recurrence sooner - maybe he would have been able to survive that...maybe... but that would have been one ugly battle... And he probably wouldn't have been able to dance with Mom at my brother's wedding... So thankful for so much, so sad too.

I found a couple other daughters who lost their dads to pancreatic cancer around the same time as my dad. We've supported one another since those dreadful days... I'm so thankful for Kylie & Lori. We won't let our dads be forgotten... and will honor the amazing, strong men they were.

I have popped on this website a few times the past couple of months... I'm not really in a place to blog again, but if you have a question - feel free to ask. I learned so much on this journey... seems a waste to not share, but it is hard to relive this journey through all the posts/questions.

Many thanks to those who supported me through this journey.

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  • NARENDRA's Avatar

    Respect for your dad.
    I m sorry but can you tell in brief as to what were signs of recurrence and how was it detected ?
    sorry it's tough for you, but m asking it as my dad is also a PC patient. We all may be more alert by learning your experience. Thanks

    over 5 years ago

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