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Dad had another great scan at Mayo in February. His CA19-9 dropped again to 53! We are thinking it was so high because of that piece of fabric that migrated post-whipple recovery. Since that was removed via ercp, his ca19-9 has been dropping. 53 is the Norm Mayo likes to see in their pancreatic patients. Yay!

Dad's CT scan showed nothing in his abdomen. There are some hazy spots in his lungs... the medical oncologist is all up in arms worried over these spots that are too tiny to be biopsied (way less than 5mm), but the Radiation Oncologist says not to worry. He sees these come and go - and even in lung patients, he doesn't worry. Having conferred with another radiation oncologist - he explained that med oncs are more cya and don't get the scan reports like the radiation oncologists do. SO, I'm praying and hoping Dr. Ko continues to be our ray of sunshine on this rollercoaster. He is Dad's Rad Onc - and always positive! he is the one who said to ignore the ca19-9 when it was climbing because nothing was showing in the scans... and he was right. It was climbing because of an irritant. He also mentioned the other day that met pan cancer typically blooms by now (18 months post whipple)... AND, he further explained that spots on the lung is not the typical path metastatic cancer takes... stomach/liver/abdomen...then lungs. Regardless, we will go with " they are too small to biopsy, therefore they are too small to cause worry."
Dad is feeling better than ever - is up to 156# and his muscles are coming back and his coloring is good. SC weather needs to improve so he can get out on that Golf Course!!!

Also to note: Dad had his first colonoscopy... oh yes, we were sweating this, too. But all came out great. One point of concern was nothing - just a typical diverticulum inflammation.
AND: Dad's blood - cholesterol, iron, a1c ALL look great!! Yay!

...till June...

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    I too will be following up with a colonoscopy as a precaution.
    Not looking forward to it, but I understand the logic.

    over 7 years ago

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