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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Pancreatic Cancer. Posted on October 16, 2011 View this journey (17 Experiences)

Dad had the Whipple Procedure - PPPD, pylorus preserved pancreoduodectomy - at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. The surgeon removed his gall bladder, the affected part of his pancreas (the head), the bile duct and his duodenum. They stopped before affecting his stomach and liver.
He stayed in the hospital only 8 days... and was gaining weight within the first month. Quite a different experience than what we were expecting based on horror stories online.
We started slowly adding foods day 3-4 ... clear liquids followed by chunkier soups... and he was eating small meals (very small) the end of the week. Dad is 5 weeks post op now and regaining his energy, though not back to normal yet. He is eating more, and has felt HUNGRY (about 4 weeks post op).
The recovery from Whipple is expected to be 8-12 weeks... so we are patiently waiting. There isn't anything you can do to speed this up - it is major surgery and takes time for the body to heal.

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