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Living in fear I want to have a second opinion but that same fear is telling me to just take what my doctor says and start treatment.

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    Do you trust your doctor? When does treatment begin? Is there any possibility of getting a 2nd opinion before you begin treatment? Or, could you get another opinion even if you have started treatment?

    over 2 years ago
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    Did you get a second opinion? I did, I did not want certain parts of my treatment protocol, getting a second opinion from kind experts convinced me I was best served by accepting the original treatment plan. I am still here even though that was not expected. You need to know the particulars of your own diagnosis, you cannot advocate for yourself out of ignorance. Nurse navigators can help you as the learning curve is steep. Don't forget trials, I did a vaccine trial. It was easy, just 3 injections spaced a month apart for three months. I was lucky not to have side affects from that part of my treatment.
    I wish you best care and much love going forward. Consider Smart Patient & Inspire for additional support/information sites. Everyone so generous with their knowledge.

    over 2 years ago
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    I advocate getting a second opinion. It may help you make decisions in this journey. Earlier after learning you have cancer, it can feel that your life is racing full out with no brake. Remember, you have every right to ask for treatment options, survival rates, side effects. Time is important in treatment but so is peace of mind.

    over 2 years ago
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    If you want a second opinion, university medical schools usually have cutting edge physicians and cancer treatments. Here's a link to a list of National Cancer Institute-associated Cancer Centers, arranged by state and region. Although West Virginia doesn't have one, other states around you do. You can call and ask how soon you can get an appointment.

    The American Cancer Society 800 phone number is a good resource for information, and they can tell you if there's a Patient Navigator in your area and basically answer questions about financial assistance, support groups, transportation to treatment, etc.

    Come to our site, and we will try to help, too. Wishing you the best on your journey.

    over 2 years ago
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    On March 19th 2010 I was told I had stage IV esophageal cancer and the tumor was inoperable. With radiation and a feeding tube I would have 4-9 months. I was lucky my brother was with me. He said we should get a second opinion my nephew is a primary care Dr. We sent all the medical records to him He said that one of his patients is a surgeon. She was doing research on a new surgical protocol. She was very interested in my case. Eight years later I am cancer-free YES GET A SECOND OPINION

    over 2 years ago
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    I agree to get a second opinion. I did and went with my second opinion doctor.

    over 2 years ago

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