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As we got to the hospital, my dad went through a few tests (Blood, urine and a brain CT scan).
The doctors suspected a Brain Tumor and suggested further diagnosis/investigation for which my dad had an MRI with contrast test. That confirmed the Brain Tumor.

The tumor was located in the Left Frontal Lobe (in lay man's terms - In the left side of the brain just above the eye and towards the ears). The size of the tumor was 5x3x2 cm (quite big). The doctors told us (including my dad) that there are about 90% chances that the tumor is malignant.
The MRI scan with Contrast report read as Astrocytoma.

They told us that my dad had to go through a brain surgery. They would remove the tumor and get the tumor tissue tested to diagnose if it is a malignant or a non-malignant tumor by the Neuropathologists.

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