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Exploratory Lap resulted in a right hemicolectomy that removed the tumor and the appendix which had been causing the radiologist concern, but for some reason the HMO didn't want to remove it earlier. Everything worked out as the surgery removed both it and the tumor! They didn't touch the tumors on the liver and of course neither those in the lungs, but having the big boy out is a huge win and should stop the stomach cramps and vomiting. Oh, yea, and it extends his life longer than a week since the tumor had grown to full obstruction and he could no longer eat.

Surgery was 4 hours and recovery was 2 (rapid heartbeat keep him in recovery an extra hour). Pain was mitigated by morphine drip/on demand. After a week in the hospital, staples were removed, and John came home - Alive and better than he had been for a while. While I wonder why they didn't operate before - I'm glad they did it. It happend in the nick of time.

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    I am glad to hear things went well and he is feeling better than before. After he has had time to heal are they planning chemo?

    almost 6 years ago

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