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In January 2012 I thought I had pneumonia. I had a pain in my back near my left shoulder blade. I went to the doctor and he prescribed antibotics (5 day dose). After 10 days it still hurt and was actually worse. I went to ER and they said I had probably cracked a rid and I should rub it with and analgesic. 10 days again and it was worse. Once again to the ER they prescribed a 10 day dose of antibiotics. It was sorer after that, and I was loosing feeling in my left arm. My wife called my primary care physician, who told us to get to ER again. They did a CAT scan it showed a mass on the upper lobe of my left lung and was identified as a Lung tumor. OH NO! We were back in the hospital on Monday now March, and they did a PET scan. We were at the doctor and they showed us the tumor, the size of a golf ball and it was pushing on my vocal chords, trachea and esaphagus. It was wrapped around my main artery to my brain. They advised that they wanted to do a biopsy on it but only one doctor was willing to attempt it due to it's location. He did the microscopbic biopsy a week later. We were told that it was Stage III A Lung cancer (Superior Sulcus Tumor) malignant non-small cell with Large cells this puts me into a 10% category. Without treatment I was given less than 5 years, and with treatment 20% chance to make 5 years. That is where we are at this time. They advised 4 to 6 weeks to recover from biopsy before starting Chemo and radiation. As I look back now on my life I realize that this is probably been going on for over 3 years. I was and still am very short of breath and have no energy. Also in a lot of pain in left quadrant and down my arm. Where do I go from here?

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    I had a thoracotomy over 11 yrs ago. All was well. So, I thought. An xray in January started my process with lung cancer all over again.

    I have been dx'd with Stage 4 lung cancer. Bilateral.

    All sorts of treatments are being discussed and I will hopefully learn what the best option is this coming Friday.

    I was just hoping to be able to email others who have lung cancer for support.

    almost 9 years ago
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    There are many people fighting lung cancer on WhatNext, and will be happy to support you and answer any questions. You can find people who most closely share your specific diagnosis by looking to the right of your "home page." You will see a box that says, "find peers." Click on that and thats the best way to find others highly relevant to you. For example, @RuthAnne has shared a very detailed lung cancer journey. Plus, she's super nice and helpful.

    Please know we are here for you.

    almost 9 years ago

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