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projectile vomiting in three sessions after taxol injection on Thursday... all night and into Friday... missed tablets on Friday and called Dr for advice... I was admitted to hospital for several days... seems the cholestyramine I have to take after the bowel resectioning caused a blockage that finally dissolved. I started taking the cholestyramine in smaller doses throughout the day for awhile (rather than the full scoop am and pm). I have been okay since then (mid-August). The fluid in my right lung has been a constant problem though with shortening my breath and causing my heart to struggle just climbing the stairs or carrying anything... too little for thoracentesis again (had that in July because fluid pressure was pushing my heart into my left lung and pain was unbearable).
A bit of a recap: I have been diagnosed with stage 4B epithelial ovarian cancer and am interested in finding people who have survived beyond the two year mark that the ACS projects for only 18%. The types of chemo are important to me as the platinum/taxol combination that I was treated with following surgery was great for the CA125 numbers but caused me to have many lapses in treatments due to anemia, blood transfusions, and other less than desirable side effects. Unfortunately I went home to a rural area and continued the chemo regimen without benefit of an informed/experienced oncologist and was kind of left in limbo after the count got down to 34... the cancer resurged and the count went from 60 to 600 in 4 weeks. I immediately came back to my original surgeon in Albany and entered a clinical trial (of which I am in the third cycle). The CA125 numbers are coming down slowly and my last was 343. This has been as close to XXX as I choose to get. I am allergic to all opiates and therefore pain is a depressant at times that curbs my will to live at all... some days are pretty good though and those and the prayers of friends and family carry me forward.

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