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Decision Point Associated with Pleomorphic Undifferentiated Sarcoma (also called Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma). Posted on July 28, 2012 View this journey (10 Experiences)

Sarcoma is rare. Drs are few. Treatment is specialized. Luckily, are medical contacts were able to help us find a sarcoma oncologist in our area.mShe agreed to meet us after hours in her clinic right away to look at my MRI she confirmed the highly suspicious tumor as a probable sarcoma. It was large and it was deep and would require a large surgery. There are only 2 Ortho-oncologist surgeons in the Omaha NE area, one at each university. I needed a biopsy ASAP. The surgeon she preferred was out for the week so an appt was made for the next week but we opted to meet with the other dr as well before then. We had him do the punch biopsy and he gave recommendation to radiated to shrink the tumor and then have surgery later to remove it. The next week when we met with the other surgeon we had a confirmed diagnosis but not a type. This Dr recommended immediate surgery to remove the entire tumor which he felt he could do with a wide margin and maybe prevent the need for radiation. On dec 8 2010 I had a 14 cm tumor removed along with my entire hamstring muscle from attach point to attachment point. The visual is a scar from the top of my hip to the back of my knee. Pretty!

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