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I was diagnosed stae IV with one met to the liver. I had colon resection and then liver resection six weeks later in December 05. I did 12 rounds of FOLFOX plus Avastin in 06.

I was NED until July 07 when a scan revealed another spot on my liver. I had a second liver resection in August 07 followed by 10 rounds of FOLFIRI plus Avastin out of a scheduled 12 rounds. During that time I had 2 DVT's (Blood clots). The first one formed around my PICC line. They put me on blood thinners, took the PICC out and put a port in. I formed another DVT around my port line which landed me in the hospital for a week.

I had the port taken out after treatment and went 4 years NED. October 2011 revealed a large mass in my liver. December 2011 I had surgery to remove my entire right lobe, gall bladder, a piece of my diaphram and abdominal wall. The tumor was so be that it grew out side of the liver and attached itself to my diaphram and abdominal wall. I did 12 rounds of FOLFIRI plus Vectibix in 2012. Finished treatments in July. I am currently NED again and had my port taken out for the second time. I also formed a clot in my leg during treatment this time around as well.

I was very into mountain biking before cancer and more into it now. I even rode 2 days after treatment. I switched to a mostly vegan, organic diet since diagnosis.

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    Dear Janderson, how have you been? I hope everything is just fine and you are still NED.....I see in your post that you took vectibix as a chemo drug.....I have just started chemo yesterday with vectibix and would like to knoe of you can help me by letting me know what were the side effects you faced with vectibix and how hard they could you handle them and if you thought vectibix was worth? many thanks in advance for sharing your experience with me and God bless you and we all...

    almost 8 years ago

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