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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Skin Cancer - Melanoma. Posted on April 14, 2012 View this journey (7 Experiences)

Went back on chemo and interferon in October. Took a break(my choice) during Christmas. Started again after New Year's. Lost my hair for 4th time, could only have a round of 2 as red and white blood cells took turns being low. March started having headAches - sinus? Then couldn't keep anything down all weekend - stomach flu? Monday went to doc, figured just needed fluids. Doc made me walk across room and told me to go for MRI STAT! Did it and was told I had to have someone come and get me as they didn't want me to drive and needed to to ER now. Had lesion on brain. Had surgery Thurs (this was Monday). Fabulous surgeon! Home on Monday. Not easy but did my exercises and in May going to Aruba. Figured I could lay in bed or on the beach. We would all pick the same one. I then had 3 weeks of radiation on brain and a bugger on my leg. Yes, lost hair again, few burns on scalp, very weak and tired, but still kicking!

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