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Hello out there. I am the wife of a guy with stage four prostate cancer. Unfortunately, when it was found , it was already at this stage. The weird thing is the prostate is fine, it just leaped into the lymph system and spread everywhere. The biposy proved it came from the prostate. PSA was 43.5. He started on hormone therapy and had great results. All nodes shrank back, and the PSA was less than 1. However, in November, the PSA rose to 2.28. Another CT scan showed new nodes. We go to the VA and they are limited. The oncologist suggested investigating clincal trials. We are in the middle of that, and have the choice of joining one. SCARY!! Anyone out there who has done that?

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    Hey JannD, I think that choice is yours if you want to join the clinical trial if its something that is agreed on by both of you. If you have questions about it or not sure talk to your doctors and first and foremost, y'all get to make the final say in it so if its something that y'all feel like can't take part in due to the travel time to the facility. Make sure and ask questions about being sick after chemo, etc...I hope these words help comfort you, if you need anything else don't hesitate to look me up or send me an email. I will say a prayer for you and your husband. Hang in there :).

    about 9 years ago

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