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Clinical Trial Associated with Prostate Cancer. Posted on January 13, 2012 View this journey (3 Experiences)

We have been invited to join a trial involving the chemo drug that is common, Docetaxel. It also involves, Prednisone, plus two other agents that apparently work together to inpeed the growth of blood vessels to new tumors. Problem is the facility is 2 1/2 hrs. away. We need to go every three weeks. We took the train to be worked up. Not easy. I fear he will be tired after Chemo and have to go home nauseated, etc. He has never had chemo. Plus, the other drugs, which he may or may not get, since it is a trial. But it is stage four, no surgery, no radiation can be done. The VA can only offer cheom, so this would be three or four things fighting at once. Anyone familiar our there?

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