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The doctor who did my surgical biopsy was Vietnamese and spoke perfect English but with a beautiful, lilting accent. I guess I was in deep denial, because I had somehow convinced myself - as I awoke from that procedure - that everything was okay now...they had removed the "problem" and I was back to normal. My family, who I found out later had already been informed of the diagnosis, were cracking jokes with me as we waited for the doctor to come around. When he came in, some of his first words were: "It is a cancer...". He said the word "cancer" in such a beautiful voice that I was having trouble grasping it. He continued with more information - the tumor was much larger than expected and he hadn't removed it....and the rest was lost. The next couple hours were a blur - the nurse was putting me in a wheelchair so I could go home. She was looking at me sadly and she patted my shoulder. My family walked behind, no longer laughing. The shock was severe and it took me days - or weeks even - to get my mind around the reality that I HAD CANCER. My only thought was getting this thing OUT of my body and the waiting that followed in the next few weeks was agony.

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