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In April, 2010 I went into surgery at UAB medical center, surrounded by my family and friends. The procedure I had included a sentinal node biopsy, mastectomy and reconstruction, and took about 9 hours. When I began to wake up, I was sick and threw up a few times. I was in and out of it for the next few hours but was aware that my mom and sister were at my bedside. I was told that NO lymph nodes were involved, they got the entire tumor and I had clean margins. By early the next morning, I was in the shower - with mom's help - and over the next few days, I walked the halls regularly, trying to build up my strength. My 10-year old son had given me a little pink bear that had a breast cancer shirt on and I clung to it every night., missing my sons. I had to stay for 3 days, during which the worst part was these horrible, painful shots they gave me in my thighs every 3-4 hours and lugging the IV everywhere I went. Once I got home, I had plenty of time and space to recover at my own pace and lots of support from my family. I had about a month to recover before they hit me with the treatment plan.

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