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My initial round of chemo was toxic. My body strength was depleted to the extent that I developed a blood infection, low white cell count and low blood pressure. I was admitted to Emergency hospitalisation and spent 4 days in ICU had numerous blood transfusions and antibiotic drips and then spent another 6 days in Oncology before transferring to a Private Hospital for a further two weeks of recuperation. I have been home now for 4 months (I'm single) and must say that without the help and care of family and friends I would probably be in pallative care in a Private Hospital.Don't get me wrong, the PH personnel are wonderful but nothing beats being in your own home I have to say.
I'm still undergoing chemo treatment every two weeks but blood tests each two weeks continue to see my cancer markers declining which pleases my Oncologist no end and is very encouraging as it means the treatment is sucessfully fighting the nasty little bugger in my pancreas.
I'm further encouraged by my Oncologist who is a Professor in his field that a continued decline in my markers will open the gate to a break from the chemo without shortening my life span. Dated November 2015

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    Hi Jay,
    Welcome to our family. Can you tell us what medication/chemo you have been on? May of us have probably experienced the same meds and may have some pointers as to how to cope with the side effects. Has your doc put you on Neulasta to fight your white blood cell loss? Can you give us more information? The more we know and share, the better the site is and the more we can help.

    over 4 years ago

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