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I had this lump on the front of my neck. My PCP thought that it was just a cyst until a year later I could not swallow my food! I then went to an ENT doctor who immediately scheduled me for surgery, and he thought that it was small, like a cyst, but it turned out to be a golf-ball sized tumor ... it was cancer!
I was very angry ... at my PCP, the world, God ... and then I focused on what I needed to do to save my life, and I told my PCP that I did not trust him anymore and hired a new PCP, and most importantly of all, I asked God to forgive my anger and help me with courage and faith to get through the toughest task of my whole life ... and He did!
I had a full body CT scan AND a bone marrow biopsy ... I had cancer in ALL my lymph nodes AND in my bone marrow as well, and that it why my excellent oncologist staged me at Stage IV.
My oncologist was only one of God's blessings to me, my doctor was one of the best!

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