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When I finished my 6 months of chemotherapy, my oncologist wanted to do another full-body CT scan AND bone marrow biopsy ... okay ... guess what? Cancer is in remission ... I am okay, I am not at death's doorstep anymore, I can see my little girl grow up ... I can have my little girl (age 7) back home with me. She had to stay 6 months with her grandparents as I could not take care of her and go through chemo at the same time. Oh my God! I am going to be okay ... I could not believe it, but it was true!
I have been in remission for 9 1/2 years!! I still go every six months to 12 months for check-ups, CT scans, blood tests, etc., but I am still in remission, I am still battling cancer, you always will be, but that is okay too because we are/will be cancer SURVIVORS!!
I took my first cancer survivor walk two months after finishing chemo and I cried tears the entire lap. Guess what? After 9 1/2 years in remission, every time I do a cancer walk, I still cry tears the entire lap ... I cry because of joy and gratitude, because of the struggle I went through, and also because of the ones who did not make it, like my father, my aunt, so many little ones.

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