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(UPDATE)I got a call from my doctor yesterday, and he said his pathologist could not determine what the tumor was so they needed to send it to Emory in Atlanta. I will have to wait another week to find out what is growing on my hip. I'm really confused now. If it benign would it have shown up so bright on the PET scan? If it was cancer wouldn't the 1st pathologist know that relatively easily? They did do another blood panel, and my white blood cell count is up.

(1st Post) I’m entering my first fight with the ‘Big C’. A Lytic bone lesion of left hip was found, and after CT Scans, MRI Scans and PET Scans the rumblings of the doctors are that it is cancer, possible bone cancer because my left hip showed up ‘bright’ as I was told. I had my 1st CT biopsy before x-mas, but it was not conclusive, so I am doing it again this Thursday, (1/3/19). Doctors do not think it originated in my hip. Why wouldn’t it show on the PET Scan? I’m exhausted, not hungry at all, and my back is very painful. I am Positive for Chek 2 and Lynch. I’m a 39-year-old married female with one biological child. My maternal grandmother had breast cancer, my mother had breast cancer, and my maternal grandfather had lung cancer. I’m confused, tired and angry. I need answers! I’m scared

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