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Oh No Associated with Thyroid Cancer. Posted on September 7, 2012 View this journey (12 Experiences)

To make a long story short, for approximately 2 years I had a very raspy voice and sometimes no voice at all. All the ThyCa Conference in Boston I met a doctor that told me I needed help. I seemed that my vocal chords were nicked during one of the surgeries. (This does happen sometimes since the thyroid is so close to the vocal chords. Has nothing to do with a bad surgeon, it just sometimes happens and of course with my luck, it happened to me.) The doctor at the conference gave me a name of a specialist in Manhattan. He works with correcting vocal chords for opera and theatre singers etc.

I did see the specialist and I liked him right away. What they were going to do was put gortex implants next to my vocal chords and in addition, tighten the cartliage around the chords.

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