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Colonoscopy july, 11 2011. Couldnt finish scope due to tumor blocking sigmoid area. Woke up with wife telling me this info. One month later had tumor removed and resection of colon. I lost about 12 in. of colon. Then 6 mos. Of chemo pill and infusion of oxiplatin. Didnt finish the oxi due to side effects.

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    I didn't have similar experience. I had the radio and chemo therapy BEFORE the surgery and the tumor shrunk to 0.1 mm(!) and was removed by TEMS. Now , I'm cancer free but I have all those unpleasant side effects of radiation which damage my digestive system. I wonder how long it will last.Some doctors saying 3-4 years,some don't want to make any predictions and they have no solutions except telling patients like me to take Imodium and drink Metamucil.


    over 8 years ago

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