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Diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer and LSIS and ADH. Dr. said I was very high risk or a recurrance. The small, one quarter inch cancer was removed during a surgical biopsy when the core biopsy showed the ADH, atypical ductal hyperplasia. Went for a second opionion because I was not getting good vibes from the first surgeon and so glad I did. I'm now at the Cleveland Clinic breast care caner center. Scheduled for a double masectomy and a DIEP free flap reconstuction. They said I'd be in the hospital 5-7 days and out of work for 2 months. I have lots of sick time tho and the plastic surgeon I have is not much in favor of implant reconstruction. He said your much better off 10 years down the road with what I'm having. Only major hospitals can do this kind of surgery because you have to have a microsurgeon.

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    I was diagnosed with lobular cancer in both breasts in oct. 2010. I had bilateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation. I just had the diep reconstruction 3 weeks ago and am home recovering. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I am from Cleveland and had my surgery at university hospital. good luck to you

    about 10 years ago
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    Hi there- looks like you're getting lots of good feedback and support here, I'd just like to add that I would also love to help you in any way I can. I'm an 8-year breast cancer survivor and I write a breast health blog (usually daily) which covers news, diet, inspirational things, book reviews, all sorts of things. If you'd like to have the details of my blog, just let me know (I don't want to be pushy here!). Sending you lots of love and healing today.

    about 10 years ago

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