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My feet, hands, arms and legs started swelling. Feet are so painful, skin is splitting and peeling. My fingernails are lifting and turning black. Feels like they have been hit with a hammer. My left arm is so swollen I can't bend it. My Oncologist ordered a scan to see if I had a clot somewhere. Turns out it was in my Port. So they took it out right away. Swelling has gotten better. But something is still wrong.

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    Wow you're really having an awful time of it. Dad had swelling in his legs early on. I could press my thumb into his leg and it would leave an imprint. They became very red, then started to peel and flake almost like a sunburn. Lotion lotion lotion. Are you able to eat okay? We were advised that some swelling can come from low blood protein. Protein helps hold fluid in your vessels.

    over 7 years ago

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