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Right hand and arm lymphedema, typically mild, but increases with activity or warm weather. Compression glove helps, once I found one that fit well.

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    I am also a patient who landed up with lyphedema about 8 months after a full year of chemo and 2 months of radiation. I had all lymph nodes removed because 5 were also cancerous. ( please refer to my page under Laugh and topic Radiation. There is one solution that has helped to stabilize the size of my arm over the years. The procedure was completely covered by my insurance and medicare also does. Only very few doctors have been trained in this procedure. My Doctor is a plastic surgeon and does implants and micro surgery an he's the only one in L.A. County that does {Venous Anastamosis Surgery) For me, the size remains the same after 7 years since surgery. The reason is because the arm was large despite several years of the wraps and massage .
    My Doctor is Dr. James J. Black,[phone number redacted] Address, 22930 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance Ca. 90505. You'll find more info of my experience and factors that caused the arm to swell. Of course the only factor that doesn't change is that we are still likely to get swelling or infections.

    Venous Anastamosis ties slender veins to the closest ducts. (Each vein is the width of one eyelash. And due to the drainage the antiquated and useless procedures are unnecessary. See what you find out. He may know someone in your area since it's not as well known by even my oncologist when I first asked him. There was one in Milan Italy but but too far for me.

    Please email me if you wish further info. [email redacted] but please indicate the message to me with What's Next so i'll know not to delete "another email" Thanks Laugh.

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