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I am currently living in the Philippines with my Filipino wife for six years, I am 71 years old and a US Social Security Pensioner.

In October 2012, I checked in the emergency room for difficulty of breathing and immediately the hospital admitted me and performed tracheostomy operation on my throat to help me to breath. After that, a gastric tube was placed for my feeding. For more than a month. Biopsy showed that I have moderate squamous carcinoma, Unfortunately, I have been confined at St. Lukes Hospital here in Quezon City Philiippines and the hospital will not release me until I am able to pay my bills.

I m undergoing radiation treatment presently. We can not afford chemotherapy and because I am not allowed to take that treatment on my bill, we did not pursue it.

Presently, the hospital is pressing us for payment and I learned that Medicare can not cover me while I am in the Philippines.

I am desperate and wanting to resume a normal life outside of the hospital but there is no way that they will release me with no payment; I have so far paid at least 30% of my bill which amounted to almost 20thou USD.

My wife tried to call the US Embassy but was turned down. Please help me. I do not know anymore what to do and this is adding up more stress and pressure upon me and my wife.
Besides that, because of the trach on my neck, I can not talk and just felt very helpless about all these.

Please help me...God bless you all

Jerry Allan Hanson

PS I am also a US Veteran, but I do not know where to go from here to be able to seek help for my situation. thank you very much

Please help me. God bless you all...

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