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Had a lot of fatigue about a month after my surgery (hysterectomy) and told my doctor that it felt like a herd of elephants had run over my bowels which they laid across a dirt road.....lolol...also could not lift anything over 5lbs, not even a gallon of milk! Also went through some highs and lows dealing with building up my emotional strength before surgery day and then kinda fell out of emotional strength when I returned home. Note to self and others dont build yourself up to much emotionally, or your moods will drop afterwards. Keep an even therapy, reading, and even just walking.

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    I read your note about being cancer-free for 14 years. How wonderful!

    It would help me to know the specific name and stage of your cancer. I always look for women who have the same cancer I do - uterine papillary serous carcinoma. It seems that surviving 5 years with this cancer is a real feat (based on what I've read in cancer forums).

    I've watched women with upsc disappear before my eyes on the Cancer Survivors Network. There's a woman I "met" here who had the same cancer and the same stage at about the same time as me. However, she had only half the chemo and no radiation. The cancer recurred elsewhere in her body very quickly. Now I don't see her here anymore.

    So if you've lived for 14 years with my cancer. I'd love to know that. Thanks!

    over 6 years ago

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