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My wife had been diagnosed in 1999 with Breast Cancer. She had her left breast removed. In 2006, she was considered Cancer free; however, she had to continue treatment and monitoring in 2010. In 2010, she was placed on monitoring. All was going fine. In December 2011, I noticed her coughing a lot, so I asked her to make an appoint with our doctor to investigate the coughing. She had X-Rays done, which determined some nodules in her lungs.

The doctor referred her to an Oncologist, who setup additional testing. In addition, our doctor setup appointments for heart and lung. My wife started having lung issues so I took her to the emergency room. After several trips, I requested my wife be admitted to the hospital to check her out. Due to the severe headaches, a CRT scan had been done. This is where they noticed multiple cystic lesions in her brain. After a lung biopsy, it was determined, her breast cancer spread to her lungs and brain. Currently, she is undergoing radiation and hormone therapy. She is still in the hospital almost a month now.

We working with her different doctors; however, she is getting worse.

Can someone assist.?

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