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Other Care Associated with Invasive (Infiltrating) Ductal Carcinoma . Posted on November 27, 2016 View this journey (33 Experiences)

Well, at the age of 46, I had my first migraine ever. The full experience: pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, sound, touch, smell, hallucinations, issues with speech and locomotion. Three weeks and we finally broke it. It's most likely a result of my forced menopause. I'm taking a nightly prophylactic and have a humdinger of a migraine med, should there be a break through. It's odd, apparently, they shoot to reduce migraines by 50%, but having never had a migraine before I'm not sure how we measure 50%. Considering I'm having migraines every couple of weeks, I'm going to say that we probably aren't hitting our goal. Yikes!!

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