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Only 4 weeks after surgery I resumed the same chemo schedule as before. 9 weeks was planned, but since I am having few side effects, the oncologist may be extending it another 6 weeks. I just had another CA-125 test and my score was 3.8. It was 4.6 after the chemo before surgery and 12 after surgery. Crazy! Hair is still thinning, but no need for a wig yet. Hope it can hold out for another 6 weeks! I had really long hair all my life, and actually like my "Jaime Lee Curtis" crop.

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    Update: I actually was not able to complete the extra 6 weeks of chemo. Neuropathy increased so stopped after 3 weeks. That was Nov. 2012. I remained healthy and in remission for 14 months. Jan. 2014 CA-125 at 80.5 and CT showed tumors in abdomen and pelvis. Still feeling great, but will be starting chemo again. Same plan as before. Doctor suggested trying Avastin, but the side effects scare me and I have heard that it only gives you 2 extra months of life. Not worth it.

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