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I was a very active, healthy almost 65 year old, who had all her female and heart and stroke wellness checkups up to date. I had been dieting for 7 months and had lost 40 pounds and was really feeling great. If it wasn't for the suddenly expanding abdomen over about a 4 week period, and suddenly not being able to lose more weight, I probably would not have called a nurse hotline and was told be sure to get a checkup within 10 days. I knew something was not right. I got an appt. the next day and was sent for a CT Scan the following day, and then was sent to the emergency room with no explanation. After being admitted to the ER, a good looking doctor came in, sat down on the bed next to me, said he had read the CT report, took my hand and said, "You have cancer, and it's advanced." OH, NO! How can that be? I have no symptons except the bulging abdomen. How can you tell me I have stage IV cancer. No one can be that sick and be as physically active and feel as good as I do and have State IV cancer. I was admitted to the hospital for more tests. All my family showed up like I was on my death bed, and remarked, "You look too good. What's going on?" I was finally released from the hospital for the weekend and followed up with the doctor the next week. I then requested a second opinion. The local oncologist was 99% sure that it was ovarian Stage IV as the CT scan showed a spot on the liver and vertebrae as well as problems with ovaries. I got a second opinion at the City of Hope, a hospital specializing in cancer treatment and that doctor said he was not convinced that it was ovarian cancer, but I definitely had cancer.

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