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Loss Associated with Cervical Cancer . Posted on September 26, 2012 View this journey (3 Experiences)

I was 23 years old and I had a child in February 1994. I was almost immediately pregnant again after my pregnancy even though I used precautions. I was told in April 1994 I was pregnant and then in August 1994 I lost that pregnancy. For some reason my HCG levels never dropped but again never rose like they would have if I was still pregnant. My doctor never performed a D&C saying I didnt need it. By the time October came around I was frustrated with the doc so I went to Birmingham and immediately they scheduled the D&C I will never forget the phone call I received just a few days after the procedure. I was sitting in class, I was a nursing student, and my phone rang it was the doc. She asked me to come to the office that day and though I wouldnt make it til after they closed she still wanted me to come. I was sitting in her private office as she started telling me I had a rare form of cancer called Placental Site Trophoblastic tumor that was caused by the miscarriage..........I remember thinking who is she talking to because I know it cant be me but there was nobody else there. I was told my only hope was a hysterectomy. I was 24 years old and would never have another child.

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