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Well after all that has happened.......9 times this monster has tried to defeat me and I am still here. I feel better today than I have in a long time. I know I will never work again doc told me that last month and I miss nursing I loved my job and taking care of people but I have a new job.........making sure people know they can beat cancer. I am living proof and so are many of you and I know that if we keep fighting we can win. I still live with pain and doc says that is a forever thing but at least I am able to get around and do some of the things I love like trying to learn to knit........not going so well.....but I can spend time with my friends and family now I dont just lay in bed and wait to die.............LIFE IS BETTER.

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    WOW Do I understand correctly, you have been diagnosed 9 Times? You get my survivor award!

    Thanks for being here and sharing your experiences, you can be a very strong inspiration for the many who are fighting.

    Greg P
    3x Survivor
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    over 8 years ago

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