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My husband has AML, his 1st diagnosis was in 2009 in May, he was very luck and found an unrelated match and had started his 1st bone marrow transplant on the 23 of December that year, I met hi 6 months later & we were married 11 months after that at The Ventura Relay For Life, a cancer walk put on by the American cancer society, My husband was the 1st Survivor ever to get married at one of these events, as we walked our 1st lap as man and wife David was having some weird pain in his femur, and for the next 6 months we were told its leukemia & it is back...and then that it was not then it was ....drum roll it is back and doing stuff no-one at City of hope is familiar with, my husby is an innovator, the bad cells are showing up in his bone, but NOT In his bone marrow, however being a blood disease it will get there so we prepared for a 2nd BMT, loads more radiation, which stopped the pain followed by 2 huge inductions of Chemo and finally new marrow again, everything seemed great, hair is coming back he is starting to feel ok again.......and not even 100 days out the leg pain came BACK....................ugh MRI shows the same intensity as before the treatment, but it does not seem to be moving quickly right now , our doctor suggested more chemo once we got out of the 100 days post trasplant, David questioned why....if we just did all that chemo followed by a 2nd BMT & it looks no different why keep blasting me, there really is not a further treatment plan as of right now. he can not have any more radiation, he has had the maximum allowed for the human body... this is where I questioned the doctor... if the leukemia is going to kill him & be a painful death, & the radition will kill him, but make him not have that horrible bone pain, then why cant we just choose radiation at least then it wont be so painful, you just cant do it that way, what if he miraculously survived the AML then had residual effects from the radiation...there is a protocol to follow. so we just live in the moment we have now, we deal with all the stuff the treatments & the drugs have done to his body, we just ask about getting something like Viagra, and our wonderful nurse realized we should have his testosterone checked, the 2nd bmt really does a number on your hormones, thatnk goodness we are newleyweds & wanting that passion back, I wonder how long till the doctors thought to check that.... it effects so much more than just his libido, he has no muscle tone in his arms or legs so everything is more of an effort, everything turns into belly fat so he looks a bit like bullfrog, but you know what he is alive.... and I am so grateful that we got this chance to know true love. we both also became volunteers for Be The Match & we are going to do our best to get more people on that registry so more families can have the gift we have been given.

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