WEDDING dreams came true after cancer - JoLoaretti

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My husband & I met after his 1st bone marrow treatment for AML, I often say Cancer is a gift that teaches us how to really live.
we both had been blessed, our dreams came true after David had already almost died, it was like a second chance, we got married at a Relay for life Cancer walk put on by the American Cancer society, this is our community ...the people we fight cancer with, the people who support us as we go though all the steps, the people who we celebrate our success with. we broke a world record for having the most bridesmaids to one bride, I had nearly 200 people walk me down the isle to my groom, they all wore different colors representing all of the cancer awareness ribbons, that year ACS slogan was "more birthdays" we just ask if we could add to that with , more weddings, more anniversaries, more births more babies more birthdays...full circle, we participate in as many Relays as we can, we are known as Mr & Mrs Relay, we both also just became volunteers for 'be the match" that is the origination that found David a match, we need to get more people on the list especially minority s, I just beg, if you have been given the gift of more time with a loved one that you share the success & let everyone know it takes a community. have everyone you know get on that list & help try & save more lives, we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary at the relay for life in Ventura and dispite him doing a 2nd BMT this year we have been to4 others all over California, if you have not yet been look one up, they are EVERYWHERE, & it is the people there that helped me survive being a caregiver. I was blessed, it is a wonderful community, I hope you utilize it for the support

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