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I think the best care is the LOVE that is felt at a time like this. I soon realized that the "greater good" that was to come from my brain cancer diagnosis was the outpouring of love and concern that was present. Still today, I'm so thankful for all my gifts of love and care. especially from my dear college girlfriend Sharon. She sat with me through each and every chemo day at both the hospital and infusion center. She held my hand, fed me, dressed me, changed me, laughed and cried with me, and taught me the true meaning of friendship beyond what I had known. She remains an speical presence in my life and always will be "the angel that was sent from God." On two separate occasions, while undergoing chemo in the hospital, I had all but given up having been so sick....While talking to God asking whether or not he was ready for me and telling him I'm OK to go now....Sharon walked into my room and stated that it "wasn't my time and I had a lot more to do." Both of these times were late in the evening when she shouldn't have even been near the hospital. But my angel kept me on track as to my life continuing.

So I made the best of what I could and relearned many things I had lost, such as to walk of stairs once again and to process new information. It was extremely difficult but I rose to the challenge. At this time I felt healed and needed to give back to others, as I had been so blessed by so many. I spent some time at the Ronald McDonald House, participated in Meals on Wheels delivering food to those who were in need, and took part in the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life for 3 years. My team's name was Brain Power! Get it? Along with family and friends we raised approx. $18,000 during 3 separate years of Relay for Life. I was honored to have been asked to speak, at the opening ceremonies, on behalf of the survivors. What a true blessing.

My journey continues in a very positive direction. I don't know what tomorrow holds but I'm ready to hold on! I wish beautiful lives for all of my survivor friends and l hope that you greet each and every day as the blessing it is! Take care.

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