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I had been living lifed not even thinking about cancer. I had gone to a surgeon to possibly have a gastro bypass surgery to lose weight and during the process he ran a blood test and discovered that my iron level was low. He sent me to the cancer center to find out if there was a problem. I went through a battery of test but could not figure out what the problem was. Since my Mom had cancer also and had passed away from colon cancer a few years back, they convinced me to take genetic testing. It was found out that I have Lynch syndrome. Which means that I have DNA defect that would predispose me to Colon, endemetrial and stomach cancer. Since there was a likely hood that I would get endemetrical cancer I finally found a Dr that would finally do a hysteroectomy. I had a the surgery and I thought everything was fine but when I went to have my check up I was told that they did find cancer. They just observed me for a few months then I had several abnormal test results and found that the cancer was back. It was hard to find because he said it was microscopic and did not show up on a CAT scan. So I had to go through chemo again. This time I didn't have much sickness either just tired all the time but this time I did lose all my hair. I had plenty of hats, scarves and wigs. I had lots of friends stand by me and helped me make it through. At this time I am cancer free again although my Dr keeps telling me that he believes the cancer will come back. All the chemo will do is keep it from growing. I am believing that it won't come back for a few years if it does.

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