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Mom's update: The biopsy showed that there are still active cancer cells in a deeply embedded lymph node. Yes, a miracle would have been nice; but I think the way things are is really better because now I have more of an incentive to live and enjoy life to the fullest; and I certainly intend to do just that!!!

If I have to have more chemo to shrink the tumors more, or even get rid of them, I can handle that because I know how good it feels when the chemo is over; and chemo isn't really all that bad. It's worked before to shrink it all in half or more, and even gotten rid of some of the lesions. The Doctors and chemo nurses are angels who do anything they can to make you comfortable and relaxed. Their spirits are always up; they smile and joke, or are quiet and relaxed if that's what they think you want or need. They are loving, and become family...

I have no pain; I feel healthy; I certainly feel loved and cared for; my body is in good shape; even the Doctors say that I'm some sort of "medical history" case in how my body has responded. I don't look or feel any different (probably better) than I did a year ago. So far I'm beating all of the odds, and I will continue to do so for many years!

Many years ago, in Stevensville, I had a colleague and friend who had cancer. He used to say when asked how he was, "If I felt any better I couldn't stand myself". I never exactly understood what he meant; now I do. I feel so good that it's almost sinful; my only sorrow is that those I love have to worry about me so much... My glass is at least 3/4 full; and in my mind and heart it's overflowing...

Went as Expected: Strongly Agree
Minimal Recovery: Strongly Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Strongly Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Agree

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