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May 2011 at my annual, my ob/gyn thought she felt something in my left breast which is why I had my first mammogram at 36 in June of 2011. The left was fine but I had microcalcifications on my right. More mammograms for 12/11 & again 6/12, but all was good, see you in 6 months.
Columbus Day weekend of 2012, with my wrist in a splint, I couldn't get comfortable sleeping. I ended up having my left arm across my chest and felt the lump on right breast. When my boyfriend asked what would happen now, my answer was "I'll call my dr on Tuesday, see her this week. She'll send me for a mammogram & ultrasound, then I'll have a biopsy and then I'll see a specialist." That's exactly what happened. The biopsy was on a Friday and Monday, Oct 29th my company was closed for Hurricane Sandy, which is the only reason I was home when I got the call that the biopsy tested positive for cancer.
I've got a great team at Dana Farber and I know how lucky I am to live and work so close. My company has been great and will even be setting me up to work from home so I don't need to come in during chemo over the winter. My boyfriend has been my ROCK during all of this and my friends and family are amazing.
My head is still spinning. Hearing BRCA2 positive made the treatment decision for me, double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.
I'm still freaking out about losing my hair when chemo starts in February. 16 weeks of it. :( I love my hair. Long, straight blond hair, almost to my waist. It has been at least close to the middle of my back for 15 years! its part of my identity, part of who I am. I'm struggling to come to grips with that.
hearing people tell me "oh it will grow back" only gets me mad. I'm still going to lose it! I've had hair stylists tell me I should be a hair model, random people come up and touch my hair while I'm out (yes, freaky!) and so many tell me how beautiful my hair is. I don't want to lose it!
But for my life, I have no choice. I'm cutting it off before chemo starts and saving the braid as a reminder. :(
Surgery should be in about 4-5 weeks, after I meet with the plastic surgeon.

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    You could get the penguin cooling system (not cheap), and try to save your hair. If you're getting dose dense chemo it may not work. I'm sorry you're going through this, but you're not alone. Hugs.

    over 8 years ago

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