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After the lymph node biopsy was positive all were taken on my right side. Surgery was a couple of hours longer than expected.
I woke up with my throat hurting more than I had expected, but thanks to everyone here, I was ready with hard candy and a sports bottle with a straw (drank 2 bottle 32 oz each within a day of Powerade Zero!) Visiting nurses come daily to clean and 1 of 4 drains out. No bruising. Feeling much better than I had expected, but mornings are pretty rough when I first wake up. Pain meds are next to the recliner I am still sleeping on.
I wasn't expecting to be this tired. Make that COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED! The first few days, I wasn't awake more than 2 hours at a time without napping.
I'm SO lucky with the incredible support I have. My fridge and freezer as full that I now have to turn down people bringing food. I haven't been home alone since I got home from the hospital. Friends are over when my boyfriend is at work or the few nights he has gone to the gym for his own stress relief.
I'm more frustrated than anything else since I am now dependent on others for most things, like getting dishes or glasses from shelves, washing my hair, anything reaching.... I can't wait to get back more strength, have all the drains removed and start to get back to being me again.... just in time for me to start going to chemo. :(

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    I had A Mastectomy on my left breast they took. They took 11 lymph nodes and 7 had cancer . It took me I can honestly say I have not felt the same my surgery took a long time also. Just take it easy start doing your exercises and it will slowing get better. My arm is numb but it could be because. Of the lymph nodes being taken out..but I am strong...Hope all gets better I am sure it will..keep in touch

    over 8 years ago

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