Mastectomy - JulieT11

Procedure or Surgery Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on November 25, 2011 View this journey (3 Experiences)

Well I went in and had surgery on the 16th November 2011. All went well except for the fact that I got a hematoma, and had to be taken back down for surgery again after getting to recovery. It's now Thankgiving, and I have alot to be thankfull for, one week after surgery, follow up appointment, all clear. don't need radiation or chemo. Will chat about hormone blockers later as I was estrogen pos. I am thankfull for new technology, and mamo's even though i always moaned about them, because it's uncomfortable when you are small breasted. But I now know uncomfortable or not, worth it!!!!!! I'm healing pretty well, up and about but can't wait for drain to be taken out and to have a shower. Staying positive, and feeling really lucky!

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