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June of 2014 I went to my GYN, yearly check up, she was not pleased with the way my breast looked and sent me to a breast surgeon, which led me to have an MRI done,,and an Ultra Sound. Had 2 mamo's prior to this, plus an ultra sound, they came back clean,, the MRI did not, neither did an other unltra sound,, and then came a biopsy,, well the cancer showed up there!

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    Hi Junie!, So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, besides the loss of your sister. No one can tell you anything to make you feel any better about having cancer, and to have a family member to cancer as well. Just keep your head up, and move forward. That reminds me of a saying I have seen on tv over this past month, maybe you saw it. It goes likes this I think: "the farther back that you can look, the further forward you can see." These things are now behind you, so begin to look forward. That is not to say you have to deprive yourself of your feelings back then...just get them out and move on. Good luck to you.
    Best, Russ

    almost 8 years ago
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    not sure why it says I posted this in june 2013,, i'm trying to up date my status,, it is a new cancer that came back after being clean for 20 yrs,, I just got dx in July of 2014! that was after having an MRI , Ultra Sound and Biopsy done.

    almost 7 years ago

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