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I was dx again with BC,, after being clean for 20 yrs,, It was a shock to hear the news. I had a double mastectomy July 17th,2014. In 1994 I had a lumpectomy in the left breast, took Tamoxifen for 5 yrs, and thought all was good, was till March 2014 when I felt soreness and ridges in the left breast ( the lumpectomy side),, all mamo's came back clear, nothing showing up, ultra sounds came back clear also. Went to see a breast surgeon, he ordered an MRI,,& Ultra Sound,, and Yep! there it was! a tumor hiding under the scar,, it was!! So I elected to have the right breast removed also,, it was ok,, nothing showed up, but the cancer had traveled under the skin, thur a channel or tunnel, and hit the lymph nodes in the right arm! That made the staging of my cancer Stage 4,, and now it's chemo time!

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